donderdag 24 juni 2010


(image: a camel that is craned over the Gaza wall )

in 1961 berlin did get her famous wall
today these walls still exist all over the world, like in the usa, israel, korea, india, etc. It seems some people like walls, so governments build them to protect the people from others or themselves. i dont like walls as they divide and give order, and also that i think it would be more fun on the other side.
i found me a record of the history of Germany (Deutschland) 1961 and made this crapfromthepast for a friend, his son and baby to be born goes all sides and knows no borders
if you want you can enjoy it here

tracklist lets build a wall
0:00:00 Van Der Graaf Generator - Chemical World
LP The Quiet Zone 1984 Charisma CHC 32
0:06:31 Supermax - Hollywood
LP Types Of Skin 1980 Elektra ELK 52 253
0:10:17 Eric Mercury & William Smith - You're Movin' Too Slow
LP The Warriors OST 1979 A&M Records SP-4761
0:14:13 Ryuichi Sakamoto - Chinsagu No Hana
LP Beauty 1990 Virgin 210 521
0:16:15 Eddy Grant -Hello Africa
LP Message Man 1977 ICEL 1001 + das war 1961
0:27:40 ....das war 1961 Philips W1402L
0:32:50 Supermax - Ganja Generation
LP Types Of Skin 1980 Elektra ELK 52 253
0:36:19 George Lewis/ Douglas Ewart - Imaginary Suite
LP Jila 1979 Black Saint BSR 0026
0:44:48 Ankara Oyun Havasi - Kurumu
Comp Wereldmozaïek Ngram 406
0:46:55 Sumy - Soul With Milk
LP Tryin To Survive 1983 Galaxy SUL-263
(+vogelen unser heimat)
0:51:33 Moussa Doumbia - Samba
LP Lassissi presente 1979 Sacodis LS 28
0:56:53 Blush - Lift Off
12" Gypsy Guitar 1979 Carrere 8061
1:02:06 L.J. Johnson - 24 Hours A Day
LP L.J.'s Love Suite 1979 AVI 6064
1:06:44 Monomono - Make Them (You) Realise
LP The Dawn Of Awareness 1974 Capitol ST-11327

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